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16 Time Wasters & Procrastination Moves of Entrepreneurs

16 Time Wasters & Procrastination Moves of Entrepreneurs

16 Time Wasters & Procrastination Moves of Entrepreneurs


The internet presents all types of information that are just a couple of clicks away. Ninety-nine percent of the people on the internet are searching for something. Whether its information for a DIY project or simply Netflix & Chill moment, the internet empowers our needs to search for something. 

Sometimes these searches are productive, and other instances it enables our need for procrastination.

As an entrepreneur, we are always searching to become better, get closer to our goals, and increase profits. However, the internet, Facebook, SnapChat, and everything under the stars seems to always want to get in our way.

Idle time can be our worst enemy! If not control, the luxury of time can easily be the fuel of procrastination.

Entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David shares 16 of the most time wasting things that entrepreneurs should stop doing.

Check it out below:

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