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#BigIdeas2016: the Deep Waters of Blue Ocean Thinking

#BigIdeas2016: the Deep Waters of Blue Ocean Thinking
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#BigIdeas2016: the Deep Waters of Blue Ocean Thinking

In a recent LinkedIn post, Translation CEO, Steve Stoute, wrote an interesting article on why brands should follow the new business model of the music industry.

Not only do entertainment and advertising fit together, advertisers have a very important lesson to learn from the music industry — the art of developing and retaining fans.

How exactly can brands take a cue from the music industry? It’s simple. Advertisers should view themselves as artists, product offerings as their music, and consumers as their fan base. By reframing the traditional view of consumer relationships, brands will create a different kind of brand loyalty, strengthen commerce, and create a framework for continued success in contemporary culture.

Considering the scope of contemporary culture, I like to expand upon big ideas for 2016 that could help evolve the business-to-consumer relationship.

Time To Travel Into The Deep Waters of America’s Talent Pool

Some of America’s next wave of great talent are lying on someone’s couch, serving food at local café’s, or apathetically falling into a vision-less state. Today, many millennials are faced with unemployment, a rise in low wage jobs, and looming personal (particularly student loans) debt.

As business looks for new and innovative ways to connect, expanding pursuits into the youth talent pool is a critical opportunity. Often today’s strategic planners lockout the ideas, talents, and suggestions from its young upstarts.


Therefore, millennials are forced to look at other avenues to join the workforce. They are slowly building an ecosystem of connectivity and entrepreneurship.

For example, YouTube starMarques Brownlee has built a massive following through the Google machine of YouTube and Google Plus. While in high school, he created a light video review of products that were lying around his house. Years later, he has emerged as the person to follow for the latest gadget reviews.

Marques is not alone, there are an abundant amount of America’s young professionals that are using creativity and technology to build businesses.

In fact, Forbes estimates sixty-seven percent of millennials want to be an entrepreneur. Equally important, millennials are the most educated cohort of any generation with 47% of 25-47 year olds having received a post-secondary degree.

As mobile, social, and local continue to intertwine and surge forward, how can brands harmonize a crafty sound for deeper consumer relationships?


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