A Prisoner of Your Mind

A Prisoner of Your Mind 

Have you ever found yourself stuck in place? 

The coronavirus, has changed all plans to a living room near you.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow looks & feels like prison walls have transformed into our bedrooms. 

In reality, somehow our lives have been colonized by a foreign invader.

This oppressor has taken over everything we once proudly knew. It just doesn’t seem right!

At first, our attention was neglected when it was taking over a distant land. “It couldn’t happen to us. Our borders, these lands are protected. These grounds are sacred. Most importantly, this is my home that affords certain protections and rights granted by the almighty and most high God.”

Slowly and surely, the foreigner made its way over the ocean. It invaded one city, then another, and then another. As it plundered city to city, it slowly tore down monuments of success. The NBA and March Madness shut down. Our vital systems of infrastructure closed its doors. The economy came to an screeching halt. 

The alarms were sounded, but it was too late. The invaders true nature  infiltrated every part of our lives and injected a new set of laws.  

The invader presented a new culture while savagely hunting down our freedom.  

This is prison.

The Need for Prison Reform

When America wages a war, we learn of terms such as the War on Terror or the War on Drugs. This coronavirus gives us the new norm and social distancing.    

There is a war for life on the streets, but also there’s one in our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. It’s an enemy that can’t be seen, but can spread through our discomfort like wildfire. Unfortunately, it lies in the compromise of what is considered precautionary and this thing called fear. 

Being Institutionalized

It’s not a good thing for any man or woman to be left alone. Afterwards, when there is no one to hunt, isolation lends to a person to hunt themselves.  

“Here I am, after so many years 
Hounded by hatred and trapped by fear 
I’m in a box, I’ve got no place to go 
If I follow my mind, I know I’ll slaughter my own. 

Help me I’m the prisoner, won’t you hear my plea 
I need somebody, yeah, to listen to me 
I beg you, brothers and sisters, I’m counting on you (yeah).” – Gil Scott-Heron 

The great Les Brown states if you do not program your mind, your mind will be programmed.  

You will become a prisoner of your mind if you stick to someone else’s agenda. The news and social media is over-inundated with information. There is more demand for coronavirus information than supply available. Every new piece of information attempts to one-up yesterday’s information. As a consumer of content, we keep paying for this limited supply with more and more of our attention. 

So, what did we just buy from the media marketplace?  

We paid with our attention and received anxiety, anger, fear, and depression as purchased items.  

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Decisions made today in the dark will illuminate tomorrow in the light.🤔

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It’s just not feasible to keep consuming and digesting something that will kill as worse as the problem.  

Our immune systems are the best defense against most viruses and diseases. The foods, minerals, vitamins, and our belief system provides a vital foundation for defense.  

Once you change your perspective, your perception to the problem will soon follow. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to alter our digital diets. As much as we thought normalcy was comfort, something has come to shift our thinking. That this discomfort of today is shifting our thinking towards a greater purpose as people interconnected with a larger community.  

Adjusting to Prison

Emotions are preyed upon. The foreign invader knows what the trigger points to invoke a certain behavior. Our content media sources have been weaponized to invoke an emotional response. Either its Trump, the democrats, coronavirus, or the economy are all used to provoke a surface level of thinking that slowly drips into the human spirit.  

Often our emotions are not to be trusted when we are in pursuit of a greater purpose. Our emotions are a mixture of past understandings and experiences seeking to reconcile today’s problem. The problem lies when the past can’t reconcile the present. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the secret to growth.  

Recidivism of Being a Convict 

The stimulus package voted by congress was more about hope than economics. If the true value of money is built upon a belief system, then normalcy can be tendered as hope. 

Can hope be valued in a $1200 check or a PPP SBA loan? 

Are we gaining a piece or peace? 

Social distancing is very likely extending pass the summer and some experts predict measures going into 2021 or 2022.  

One thing is for sure, it has exposed the emotional side of our existence across all borders, races, ethnicities, color, socioeconomic status, and etc. Whether it’s natural selection or “my family’s protection”, we all have been changed.  

What is considered normal lends to our comfort and remaining the same. Rarely do people voluntarily move from comfort unless they are forced.  

Today we are quarantined physically and tormented mentally. A sentence is eminent, but our fate is not known. While the juror of life deliberates, what will we do with one luxury that we all have been equally granted?  



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