Local Live – Events & Moments for Local Communities

Nowadays, thanks to our cell phones, we’re always connected to the wider world. But in reality, we live in a local world. Just like the people we pass on the street every day, we’re not just trying to make a living- we’re making a life. Comizzzle isn’t just about offering people a business platform to sell, but also about creating a real social, local community near your area. That’s why as well as products, we also list plenty of events and activities going on near you.

The world could always do with a little more friendliness. After all, when was the last time you stopped to chat with your next door neighbor? Sure, modern life can be hectic, but that just makes it all the more important to ease of the accelerator every now and again. Relax, and take some time to enjoy what’s near by you.

If you’ve got an activity or live local event that you’d like to list, then great! We’ll be happy to put it up for the world to see, so that you can connect with those around you, and start making a difference in your local community.