How Agoraphobic Thinking is Killing Your Goals in 2021 [SHORT STORY]

The comforts of my couch has long been all too familiar.  

This couch is my safe haven, a place that attracts and soothes my fears.

FEAR, aka False Evidence Appearing Real, permeates every object within this home. It coats the walls with a hue of apathy and one-sided facts.

Making My Home Great Again

I think it’s time! The new year is here and maybe I should try something new.

First, maybe I should invest in some paint. Maybe this time I paint it a different color – something more in the shade of opportunity.

Next, I will tighty up this place. When I moved in, it was only supposed to be temporary. However, I found the gravity of my couch a convenient and cozy place.

It became the perfect place for me to feed myself all types of snacks. A place to devour endless bowls of anxiety, despair, and hopelessness. I sipped on gallons of envy while breathing in the darkness of time.

My smart phone and TV often gave my daily main course of nutrients. A mass consumption of gluttony. An all you can eat buffet on today’s topics and images from sun up to sun down.

Furthermore, these walls constantly reinforce my appetite; even when I am not hungry.

Today is the day that I tell these walls no – I am leaving.

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Taking My Talents to South Beach

Oh, how I love to swim. I think the ocean is calling me. I am ready to navigate the terrain of the unfamiliar. I am ready to sail the blue ocean of new thinking.

I am packing lightly – this new journey doesn’t need a lot of baggage.

It is time to throw away these old clothings drenched in yesterday.

As I prepare to take these old bags to the trash, I realize that my fear still lies on the other side of the door.

It’s been a while, a long while since I ventured from these walls.

I ask myself, “who is outside? Will something try to harm me? It might rain, maybe I should check the weather channel? Or maybe I should check my phone to see what is being posted on social media? Maybe I should call/text someone to come give me a hand?”

These walls are so comforting; it’s my zone of familiarity.

Maybe I could stay for just a little while longer. There are more reasons not to go than leaving here.

I now find myself answering, “people may laugh and talk about me. The timing isn’t right. It’s so expensive. My friends won’t come on this journey with  me.”

More answers lead to more questions. Should I go? Should I stay? If these walls could talk…..

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