Motivational Vitamin: Real

The reality is that change is a slow progress. In business, most companies continuously promote how a company is evolving. However, this evolution is just a mere tenth of a percentage. A company’s goal is to make as much money as possible and continuously refine previous steps. The goal is not to re-invent the wheel.

As you continue to evolve, you don’t have to be something bigger than you are today. Mass media rewards behavior that is bigger than yesterday. Each headline attempts to one-up yesterday while leaving you thinking you are out of step.

Put your plans on a timeline labeled from A to Z. You are living your plan Z today. Now go chase after everything under the sun from plan A to Y. Live your truth.


Comizzzle is not just a digital marketing agency, its a company that helps everyday people to reach their goals. This company was once an idea floating around on Google Plus to now help small businesses become successful with online marketing. 

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