Part 3: Pandemic Marketing Tools Checklist

Local is big business.  

HubSpot reports that “72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles.” That could be a hungry college student looking for pizza to a recently relocated traveling nurse looking for a 3 month apartment rental.

Today, property management marketing has evolved. Its no longer waiting on the internet listing services (ILS) to handle the heavy online marketing. With marketing in a pandemic and dollars being a bit tighter, you either panic or see the opportunity lurking around the corner.  

The previous blogs I discussed How the Housing Crisis Changed Multifamily Housing and How the Pandemic is Changing Multifamily Marketing. Today, I will give you some tools to help with your digital marketing efforts.  



Ubersuggest is a cool tool that’s great for search engine optimization (SEO). The free plan gives robust features such as an web domain overview, keyword suggestions, and backlink data. For the non-SEO techs out there, there is a feature to generate content ideas. With content being king and many properties using social media, new ideas coupled with strategies could be a big asset to build brand awareness.  


Moz helps marketers with keyword research, search engine audits, and competitive analysis. There is a free portal that gives access to exploring keywords and links, domain analysis, and reviewing your online presence. Another great feature of Moz is managing local listings. This tools empowers property marketers to manage listings on various directories such as Yahoo and Manta.  


HubSpot is huge benefit for any interested in digital marketing. Their blogs and free tools truly set them apart as an industry leader. I have used them over the years to dive deeper in understanding digital marketing while using their free tools to help with presentations and managing campaigns. HubSpot also offers a robust SEO machine to manage your digital campaigns ranging from social media, SEO, landing pages, and so much more.  

Social Media 


At your properties, you may be managing Facebook, Instagrams, YouTube, and now TikTok. Uploading content on each platform can be very tiresome. Hootesuite integrates with your social media platforms and allows you to schedule posts and videos. Also, you can monitor certain hashtags on various social media channels.  


Similar to Hootesuite, Buffer offers a platform to manage your social media channels. I am huge buffer fan because of its ease in scheduling posts and a very intuitive user interface.  


With Instagram continuing to become a dominant role in social marketing, Planoly is a great resource to manage Instagram. For the perfectionist, it allows you to pre-arrange your Instagram pictures for an awesome profile layout. Also, you are able to pre-schedule posts for your IG Stories.  



Canva is a great design tool to create anything from flyers to business cards. The strength of Canva is it’s meant for those folks that are not graphic designers. So if you need to create an open house flyer or materials for outreach, Canva is a great tool to add.  

Photoshop Elements 

Photoshop and Premiere Elements is for Photoshop beginners. Photoshop Elements is the image design tool while Premiere Elements is used for editing videos. Features vary for those that need guided help to graduating to the expert level. With using Elements, the combine costs are just over $100 versus monthly subscription packages for the Pro versions.  

Pexels Stock Images & Video 

As your property begins to dig deeper into digital marketing, stock images and videos are fantastic tools to add to your strategy. Instead of ripping images from Google that lack clarity, Pexels is a resource to download CCO compliant images/videos with high resolution. 

Project Management 


Whether planning an open house or putting together a content strategy, Trello is the perfect tool to manage your projects. Trello is project management software that allows teams to collaborate various projects into visual boards. So, the leasing team can have a set of boards regarding online marketing strategies while the service team can have boards regarding capital improvement projects.  

Content Management


Feedly is an RSS aggregator. Essentially, Feedly pulls web urls into topics that you designate. For example, you can pull the blogs, newsletters, and/or YouTube videos to a very competitive property across the street.  Furthermore, it’s a great tool to follow thought leaders and subject matter experts.  

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