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Digital Advertising

Go Further with Digital Advertising

Help Customers Find Your Business

Content is king. 

Today, a business can never push enough content to reach the masses. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are just few companies that help to get your messaging in front of customers. With the World Wide Web celebrating its 30th year, we are within a phenomenal time.  

Customers are seeking to find what’s next and your brand has vital role in telling the new American story. With almost 60% (4.3B) of the world using the internet, ads help to hyper-target your messaging. Also, the Google’s, Facebook’s, and Instagram’s have change the game and made it super necessary to extend the reach of your brand with ads. Regular posts aren’t going to cut it unless something goes viral. Using ads is your brand’s best opportunity to cut through the noise.  

Still don’t believe me, here’s the breakdown on why you should run digital ads on desktop, mobile, and social media: 

  • Businesses make $2 for every dollar spent on digital advertising (Blue Corona). 
  • Millennial consumers show the strongest preference for video content by brands (HubSpot). 
  • Consumer spend 5 hours on their smartphones (Small Business Trends). 
  • Social media and videos are the two highest form of activities on the web (Smart Insights). 
  • 60% of consumers click on a mobile ad weekly (Business Wire) 

Is your business willing to invest in the right tools for the right customer to find you?