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Social Media Marketing

Removing Barriers

Growing Your Social Media Empire

There are an estimated 7.5 billion people in the world – roughly 2.7 billion people are using social media. Needless to say, social media is a required tool in this day and age. There is no running or escaping it, social media is here to stay.  

Social media marketing has many benefits such as branding, reputation management, lead generation, consumer intelligence, and etc.  

The numbers for social media usage just don’t lie: 

  • Social media and video viewing are the two most popular online activities (Smart Insights). 
  • 59% of Americans believe that customer service through social media has made it easy to get their questions answered and issues resolved (Lyfe Marketing). 
  • The average Facebook user clicks on 8 Facebook ads per month (Hootesuite). 
  • 60% of Instagram users have discovered a new product/service  

Is your business doing the right things for the right reasons to unlock the potential of social media?